Quinta do Vallado

A magnificent port, bottled in celebration of quinta do vallado's three-hundredth anniversary

Vallado ABF 1888 was bottled in 2016, in celebration of the estate's 300-year anniversary. Its name, ABF, is a tribute to an ancestor of the current heads of the estate, António Bernardo Ferreira I, who first bought Quinta do Vallado in 1818.

A limited edition of 933 bottles of 75cl will be released, all of them numbered and packed within a solid walnut casing. This casing, designed exclusively for this wine, also contains a unique crystal decanter produced by Atlantis in Portugal.

This magnificent Port Wine was brought to life by a small producer of the Douro, based in the Lower Corgo area neighbouring Quinta do Vallado, who kept it with great care in three 650L barrels, since 1888. Due to evaporation, to which it was subjected to for over a century, the wine was reduced to 700L, still found within its original barrels, where it aged.

This wine originated from vines that pre-date phylloxera, and was produced using the traditional method of foot-treading in lagares. It is an ultra-rare wine, with exceptional qualities, that can still live on for many years.
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