Quinta do Vallado

Vallado ABF em Destaque na Wine Advocate de Robert Parker.

Mark Squires, o famoso critico de vinhos ao serviço da Wine Advocate de Robert Parker, atribui uma excelente nota ao Vallado ABF.
Leia as notas de prova completas, nas palavras de Mark Squires:

"So rich--even while not being thick--that it is almost creamy in texture, this is sensual, concentrated and sexy, with all those old Port flavors you'd expect, the baked caramel, the molasses. There isn't a lot of hard-edged treacle, though, because this is surprisingly fresh in some ways, with the sugar helping it along. Very sweet on the finish, you have to let it sit awhile on the palate before the complexity catches up to the rich decadence. Overall, this is a beauty, understated and gentle mostly, yet packed with flavor. As is always the case with wines in barrel this long, it will last pretty much indefinitely if the cork does."
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